Join us for this epic family event suitable for all ages!  Featuring 6 themed arenas and 6 attractions this event is not to be missed!   With 3 Q options available including Adult Only, Family and VIP there is something for everyone. Tickets cover unlimited access so no more money is required for anything!

The 6 themed arenas on offer include:


Fortnite Battle Royale:  Test your skills in a survival of the fittest.
SWAT:  Become a member of the SWAT elite in the training academy.  

Battlefield Arena:  Experience an all out war.

Zombie Apocalypse:  Save mankind in this interactive arena.

Nerf on Wheels:  Destroy the enemy while at the wheel!

Blaster Zone: .Competing 2 x 2, aim is everything as you attempt to outscore your opponents in this electronic target area.

This thrilling event offers the latest equipment and technology and promises to be the highlight of any participant's year.